June 21, 2012


GallerySke is currently showcasing works of three practicing cartoonists—E.P. Unny, George Mathen and Gokul Gopalakrishnan—titled The Flaneur in the City:

“Between cartoons I like to step out and sketch. For one, it is an escape from the cubicle. From the drudgery of bending over the drawing sheet or laptop to condense content into a rectangle that holds. No such worry when you stand, stare and sketch. No need to ideate, no need to stylise, no need to bother about all the graphic dos and don’ts that make a printable tile. The best reward comes from the passerby who stops to ask, “Are you an artist?” Most evenings of my five weeks of sketching Fort Kochi I went back to the hotel not knowing how to handle this unwitting flattery. The sketches eventually started piling up to clear the confusion. The drawings were beginning to tell a story about the place in a manner that reflected much cartoonishness. There was no plan, no plot and not in the least the intention to mock but whichever way I shuffled the sketches the Kochi story wouldn’t go away. And the story seems to be held together by what is essential to the one who made it up – the comic eye.”