January 15, 2014


By Sangeeta Singh

Having spent almost four decades of my life, sheltered in the army cantonments in the far-flung areas, seldom did I have the need to resort to the lifelines of local transport. In 2007, we shifted base to a suburb of New Delhi, Dwarka, where we spent three years. It was only then that the city life started impacting the canvas of my life. I often used the rickshaw ride till the metro line while on my way to my studio back then at Triveni Kala Sangam.

On the way, the beauty of the sweeping movements of the shadows, the little conversations with the rickshawallah about their migration, their daily struggle, collectively evoked in me a strong desire to express their emotions. The essence of the inspiration I drew from them, I created in a painterly vision in the Chalchalachalseries. Simultaneously, the series Euphoria also spawned to showcase the hustle bustle of the city life where the birds are the metaphors of the people- the musafirs, constantly on move with the desire to seek freedom from confinement. 

Consequently, another three years down the memory lane, in an effort to capture the mystic moments in both these series, has resulted in my exhibition on the theme ‘ChalatMusafir’. This collection is a tribute to the hard working migrant class. It’s a celebration of those moments that have inspired and triggered my thoughts.