February 15, 2017


By Seema Kohli

The cycle of life revolves around birth, death and the eventual liberation from mortality. All forms of life depict the universal truth of continuation of life, existence and exaltation. This concept has always made me curious and I have attempted to understand it in my earlier series of work as well. I have pondered and penetrated deep into my mind and sensed that the basic laws of nature are the same and hence myths, which are the crux of our faith, evolve around this –law of nature. In Ouroboros, I try to experiment and understand the various ideas of immortality with new medium, creating an amalgamation of various audio and visual media. I have attempted to grasp the mystical laws of nature and their interpretations in different cultures and sub-cultures of the world.

 For me, it represents the Wheel of Time – the wheel helps to manifest grid programmes that give the illusion of linear time allowing souls to experience emotions, different forms and births. It represents the cyclical nature of things, eternal return, and other things perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end. In some representations serpent is shown as half light and half dark, echoing symbols such as the Yin Yang, which illustrates the dual nature of all things, but more importantly that these opposites are not in conflict. This constant harmony of both energies has been present in my works through the presence of ‘Ardhnarashwar’. There were originally 84 works (10x10 inches) expressing the different births and different Yoni's or species.

Note: This work is part of Seema Kohli’s solo exhibition ‘Golden Womb – Dawn of Time’, which is currently on view at Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad. The exhibition is curated by Lina Vincent Sunish.

01-84, 10 x 10 inches, C-print on Canvas