December 01, 2018


By Neha Kirpal

Curator, design thinker and Founder of Art Pilgrim Live, Gayatri Singhhas been involved in art and education for over 20 years, including running an Indian contemporary art gallery in London. With over 18 years of entrepreneurial, art and education experience, she hopes to create a new space in art that encourages collaboration, dialogue and learning. In a recent interview with Matters of Art (MOA),she spoke to Neha Kirpalabout her rich experience in the fields of art and education, her vision for Art Pilgrim Live and her favourite modern artists.

MOA: Tell our readers briefly about your rich experience of over 20 years in the art and education fields.
Gayatri Singh (Singh): 
With my mother in the art space, I have been exposed to this space since I was in school. My focus, however, for the first 15 years of my career was education. I have worked with some of the brightest minds in this field both in the US and the UK developing programmes that pushed boundaries and challenged old methods. Creativity was key!

My serious involvement in art started with, when I set up a contemporary art gallery in London with an English interior designer 10 years ago. After moving to India, I was keen to do something that was a little different. I have over the years focused a lot on working together to create magic. I wanted to do that in the creative space. I want to bring diverse creative minds together in a space where they collaborate and push their creative boundaries to create magic. I believe it is this space that will define the future possibilities in design and art.

All of us need to think out of the box and be unafraid to bring ideas and concepts to the table for discussion. We need forums or avenues that make these dialogues possible, spaces where we can learn from each other and more importantly get challenged by each other – across disciplines. Can artists challenge architects pushing them out of their comfort zones? Can architects challenge designers? Can designers challenge engineers? Transitional Spaces—an event that we organise each year—was born with the hope to push the creative world out of their comfort zones while rekindling the spirit of integration and collaboration. This is where my heart is!

MOA: Yours is one of the first galleries to emphasise 3D work, sculptures, commissions and installations. Tell our readers more about this. 
We feel that sculptures engage and communicate with us directly like no other form. We have to share our physical space with them, walk around them and feel their presence. We were one of the first galleries to focus on sculptures and even today have one of the best collections.

MOA: Tell us about some of your recent, upcoming and ongoing exhibitions. 
: We have several shows planned. Each gallery focuses on something different – while our Sushant Lok gallery continues to show masters/established artists such as Souza, Satish Gujral, Biman Dasand Vaikuntam, Art Pilgrim Live focuses on younger artists and collaborative works. We are now also partnering to create a new space in Delhi that will look at new and experimental work.