Ashish Kushwaha’s Inheritance of Loss opens on May 19, 2017

May 15, 2017


New Delhi Mumbai-based artist Ashish Kushwaha’s solo exhibition Inheritance of Loss will begin at the Art Gallery, India International Centre in New Delhi on May 19, 2017. This exhibition of paintings and watercolours is curated by Uma Nair.

Uma Nair writes in her catalogue essay: “Inheritance of Loss is series of works on canvasses as well as as a few small watercolours that look at the loss of habitat for animals and birds in the face of vanishing forests and large scale development without a thought for species who are facing the reality of no place to exist.

Ashish Kushwaha is a struggling artist from Mumbai who creates works that have an ecological echo. These works compel us to think about the present day human habits and make us stop in our tracks. While the works give us an urban overview of a landscape these are not pretty in the least. They reflect the cruelty of large scale rampant deforestation and the race to develop grasslands into skyscrapers that banish wildlife species.

Inheritance of Loss is a show that personifies urban metaphors – it will question contemporary realities and leave viewers deeply disturbed because it is the beauty and magnificent monumentality of a rhinocerous from Kaziranga, a graceful deer and rapturous peacock that will stir us out of our stupor.”

The exhibition will be on view until May 29, 2017.