Review by Tanya Abraham
September 15, 2017


Vincent Uncle
Indu Antony
August 24 onwards
Kashi Art Café, Fort Kochi, Kerala

By Tanya Abraham

Kerala artist Indu Antony's work is an intriguing depiction of the stronghold that childhood memories have on individuals. Coated with experiences pleasant and unpleasant, the vibrant and enigmatic thrust of childhood encounters leave an endilibe mark on lives that forever guide the route of the future. Indu's straight forward, yet intriguing and powerful works, possess a natural sense of questioning and telling a past that has a vehement grip on a child's mind, expressed through metaphors and intelligent depiction of thought. The complications that tend to arise from childhood, the presence of unexplained realities that bind innocence with heart wrenching truth, the open-wounded, raw,ignited demons of childhood rise to form veils of pure and impure memories, thoughts which grip the present with a magnitude so heavy that the present seems drenched in a heaviness unfair. An uncle, a hairy-legged- mundu-wearing uncle, bearing fleshy and carnal realities; fears, doubts, questions, anger, pain….the subtle truths of life that slowly and gently seep through the fine cotton of a cradle through which a baby peers. Delicate yet strong: hair used to sew worlds in one's mother tongue. Malayalam read backwards, as viewed by the infant within the frames of the cradle. Sweat of hard laboured backs, collected in small bottles…… smell, a trigger of memories, which are fearful, daunting, enjoyable. Those smells, they embrace a familiar memory, faint/strong, creating feelings of embrace or disdain.

Indu Antony's month long residency at Kashi Art Gallery (now in exhibit at Kashi Art Cafe in Fort Kochi) is an experience well told, easily connected to; familiar stories through which emerge memories. Whether the thread that links these memories remain the same for every individual is a question yet to be answered. But, undoubtedly, is the obvious- portrayed in a creative manner: a fighting spirit blatantly questioning the realities of adulthood so intricately linked to the memories of a child.