Review by Amrita Varma
February 15, 2018


Scripted in Time
Rameshwar Broota
February 02 – 20,2018
Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi

Rameshwar Broota is an icon for one and many. An artist who has been the umbrella of tutelage of many a budding painter in the contemporary art scene brings with him a tremendous set of expectations towards his solo. Mine were as expected, in line, to witness such a legacy.

The present body of works of both paintings and sculptures, were made between 2016 and 2018 and these are largely abstract works. A wall text on the gallery wall by Keshav Malik lucidly puts it, ‘In knowing anyone especially those in pursuit of the muses, one never knows what fully obtains. You are likely to scratch your head despite all familiarity with them. The ground beneath Rameshwar’s person, remains terra incognito.’

The show itself is futuristic in its appeal and each work reinstates the skill of Broota’s mastery over medium. There is the futuristic appeal, yes. Yet there is a harking back to the past with unidentified text in layers radiating from various planes and crevices. The scratchings on oil on canvas are done minutely to a fine finish, like strokes of a brush, bringing out layers and dimensions visually and in some cases bringing out a glow only a maestro who has mastered light and shade can bring about.

Scratches, lines and colour treatment in various hues of black, greys, browns and sepias fill the space in their futuristic detailing. Textual elements weave themselves within the growing subtle hues to create an experience that can at best be described as weightless as if one is floating through the experience. The past and future seem to collide and weave in each of these abstract works.

What is interesting is the way surfaces and materials have been treated to create depth and visual illusion. What is even more interesting is the arrangement of these material elements to create engaging visual compositions that speak to the viewer even when devoid of any connotations. The experience is layered and one leaves feeling the weightlessness of a space long ago and sharp edges of futurist markings, matching contradictions in a delusional world, where time passes by slowly.

All in all, an engaging experience, this solo is to be viewed for the way it makes you sense the dynamism of what is Rameshwar Broota’s art.

Untitled, Mixed Media on Wood, Resin and Pen, 14.5 x 17 inches