Review by Oiendrila Moitra
September 14, 2013


Am I?
Sanjeev Sinha,
May 1-3, 2013
Visual Art Gallery, IHC, New Delhi 110003

A rightful self-introspection Sanjeev Sinha has done through the exhibition, which we all must do.
In the first view Sanjeev’s work jolts the viewers. It puts up many questions, mostly daunting towards the uncanny process and presentation of the artist. But as one stares through his works, a serene issue of sensitivity emerges; a pain emerges from an empathetic heart towards the miserable of the world around us. The artist seems to question himself about his beliefs in various aspects of life and the purpose of existence. As for the answers he has found, he puts them in his canvases through rigorous use of paint and brush.

There are metaphorical references in Sanjeev’s works, all very distinct and clear. The innocence of childhood and its memoirs, the elements, dolls, balloons, butterflies all are now a target of the cruel existentialism of the present day society. They are brutally assaulted, as the society looks on, stares but does not speak or react. In a time of suck emergency when we should question our spectatorship and silence, Sanjeev’s works are loud and clear voices needed to be heard.  For him, as in the work, “Gentle Bite V” the innocence of Alice and the violence of goddess Kali merges in a same imagery, they share a same space of memory in the colorful yet textural space of rage and anger.

Basically, his inspiration comes from the objects of daily life. The much known objects have very unknown metaphors in his works, as a simple matchstick relates itself to a plank of wood that can act both as a savior and a destroyer. The Saint and Devil exist simultaneously in all aspect of the cosmos; it is us who make the choice of preference.

Sanjeev have traveled throughout the world. The diversity of his visual perception can be well read in his works. Calligraphy, Korean Clouds, Tibetan flags, Buddha’s head etc have all found there places in his works. He watches everything as an outsider, and then speaks loud as an orator to have his voice heard.
Sanjeev’s works have the process of surreal and expression of a realist. He technique if is adhered strongly towards the western style of realism, the way of expression of his oeuvre thoughts is in a surreal way. Representations have an important character in his paintings, as “Ladybug” in his compositions is as a symbol for sensuality. One can almost find a Freudian way of representation in his works, very subtle yet very appropriate.

Some of Sanjeev’s works have a grotesque character in them. Sometimes they are overt in an extent of being disturbing, but in most of his works, they are expressed with maturity and with great dexterity.
The dilemmas of the opposites are the bottom-line of Sanjeev’s works. Am I realist or an Abstract? Am I beautiful or ugly? Joyous or sad? Live or Dead? Am I optimistic or pessimistic? Am I a spectator or a participant? The artist has asked these questions to him that is reflected through his works.
It is difficult to remain unaffected in seeing his works. You should answer the question or can repeat the question to your own conscience. Am I…?