Review by Oiendrila Moitra
November 15, 2013


A Zebra Among Horses
Works by Chitra Ganesh
Gallery Espace, New Delhi
September 28 - October 31, 2013

Chitra GaneshÕs show in the Escape gallery is really an ecstatic experience. The humor of the artist, the chick looks blended rightly with the satirical and objectification of the concept astonishes the viewers.

The main idea of feministic fetishism and representation of power is represented in light-hearted visuals. His paintings and drawings are decorative sometimes ornamental in their visuals. Addition of materials like beads, cloths etc. have given the extra dimension to the paintings. There is a hint of primitivism in the drawing style, a style known to be used in the Ôlesser artÕ forms of graphic representation and comic book style. Bringing the style in the mainstream paintings has been no doubt a challenge for the artist that he fulfilled successfully.

The major positivity about the paintings is the humor. The forms, images and notations are so skillfully represented to create the humor, sometimes a cruel humor. The commodification of the female in the society and the mutations of the feminine forms into objects of desires is a serious topic yet skillfully represented by the artist through humorous images. It is this humor that makes you question, makes you think and search for answers.

Chitra GaneshÕs paintings are very real. Real in the sense of subject and real in the sense of visuals. But the skillful hands of the painter have distorted this reality through his techniques to make them graphic representations rather than serious thoughts. And this distortion has created an alternative language for the artist to speak about a serious subject in a humorous way.

There are various techniques and processes used by the artist. The watercolor is done in an immature manner to create a hint of innocence towards the approach of representations. The artist have also used photo montage techniques in some of his paintings to create the need of directness; pointing towards a particular image or thought. The use of bright colors, florescent hues, bold lines and intricate decorations all have made the paintings ÔloudÕ. And this nature of the artworks has made them so dominatingly talkative, so definitively clear in their language. The works speaks a lot and clear.