Review by Amrita Varma
August 10, 2014


Final Illusion
Yuvan Bothysathuvar
July 5-August 10, 2014
Art District 13, Lado Sarai

A summer show at Lado Sarai is a rarity as it is difficult to gather appreciation for art in the sweltering heat from which most flee elsewhere and only return at the start of the next art season.

In such a milieu, opening a solo show of an emerging artist was an adventurous thing to do. When I opened the doors to the gallery it was a surprise to me.

From the very first work one can see not only the technical skill and dexterity of the artist along with an attention to detail in his process, but also an extremely thoughtful and sensitive entity who responds to the world in a very clear style through his works.

It is rare to see the intensity in an artwork that is subtle yet hard hitting in its conceptual quality and messages. Yuvan’s work is just that. Kudos to the artist for having been able to deliver this expression in such a beautiful manner through abstract form!

While ‘Dilemma’ with its coloured paper cuts on plywood suggests the constantly changing and uncomfortable shifts in the context of the nature of the word and the feelings associated with it ‘Ripple’ has a different coextensive energy attached to it.

One’s derivation of the semantics in such abstractness is always there, always real and yes, intense and deep.

One such work is ‘Alive’ with its glittery shiny circles, which bounce of light when shaken and suggest the glamorous lively world. On the cover it looks a happy work. Look for a while and you discover that the title has a deep connection. The glitter and shine of the world and the attraction wears when the pathos of the work hits you. The comment is on the world and us and what actually being alive is! Are we the white board showing that glitter which doesn't allow deeper thought?... Is there more?...The journey continues.

It is such revelations, which unearth themselves as one goes through the works.

‘My bed’ is another hard hitting work with various wooden pegs with red tips inserted onto a white board where certain sections are depressed as if pressure from the lying down of a folded form has pushed those pegs down. The work is uncomfortable and restrictive in its energy even though the colours used traditionally can be seen otherwise.

There are also experiences which are felt through the cuttings of magazines and posters revealing little parts of the artist’s intrinsic life and his situation from being a monolingual Tamil speaker to being transferred to an alien land with a totally different language and the yearning for his comfort zone along with some more pleasant experiences at the Glenfiddich distillery via their Artist in Residence programme through Best College Art. 

There is brilliant use of form, medium and detail and a very natural yet clearly focused outflow of expression, which gives this show a distinction rarely felt in shows from the emerging artist these days. An artist far more mature beyond his years in his artistic career, Yuvan Bothysathuvar is someone to keep an eye out for.

Going to the gallery on a hot summer afternoon was well worth a visit to this visual treat and advisable if you are in need of inspiration, are looking for some interesting curation or just some good art to view.